Jul 27, 2011

Biochemistry scares me ?!

Is biochemistry losing its popularity among the prospective students?
I have a feeling that many of them are a bit scared about the subject - be they belong to nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, medicine etc.
Is this true ?

Jul 7, 2011

Hangman in Biochemistry

Try this Hangman


Master Biochemistry in 24 hours.

The content in this package (once you buy) is good for preparation especially just before exams. You can master biochemistry in 24 hours. It covers all the basic topics, with flash movies, cheat sheets, and quizzes. Each chapter is alloted 1 hour for studying and 24 chapters in 24 hours. either you can study one chapter a day or all of them in one week, depending on the pace and the time you have for your exams.

Master Biochemistry in 24 hours

Good Luck.

Online Biochemsitry Textbooks for Reading

Read the Biochemistry Textbooks Online
Biochemistry - Mathews, van Holde, and Ahern
Textbook of Biochemsitry - Jeremy M Berg John L Tymoczko and Lubert Stryer
The Medical Biochemistry Page - M.W.King

Links on preparatory materials in Biochemistry

This month, I am planning to introduce some useful & interesting ( to you also) websites on biochemistry. This post includes.
A List of Chapters with Links to Objectives, Key Words, Assignments, Practice Questions, and Other Help

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The Inner Life of the Genome

The way our genes are arrayed and move in the 3-D space of the cell nucleus turns out to profoundly influence how they function, in both health and diseaseLink

More details HERE.