Aug 13, 2011

Biochemistry is difficult to study

Many nutrition course students feel scared about biochemistry. Most of them, especially those from home science, and nutrition background feel worried about drawing structures.
There is no need to remember the structures of all the bio-molecules for students majoring in nutrition or nursing. If they can remember the names and the reactions it is sufficient. (What we call word equation - eg. glucose + ATP = glucose-6-phosphate) what they need to know is the fate of nutrients ingested; the location of the biochemical reaction of such nutrients inside a cell.
Learning the structures is important for students of pharmacology or pharmacy courses ( DPharm, BPharm, MPharm, MSc Pharmocology)
Biochemistry is not the only subject that is difficult ( if you feel it is difficult). And it doesn't mean that you pass in all other subjects and fail only in biochemistry. If such is the case, I can help anybody out of that. Just mail me.

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