Oct 5, 2011

Scope of Biochemistry - Will I get a job ?

While talking to many of the students and to some of my counterparts in the city, I noticed that many of them feel that there is no or little scope for biochemistry.   They are actually confusing between the words "Scope" and the "Jobs" after studying biochemistry.
Scope means the areas where one can get into and Job means getting into one.
After studying Biochemistry (BSc or MSc) you can get into the following areas ( with necessary extra skills):
1.   Diagnostic labs in hospitals ( you need to complete Medical Lab Technician course).
2.   Research and Development wings of industries manufacturing all the products that are used in our body, i.e., soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, perfumes, talcs etc.  because all these products involve the effectiveness in interacting with various biomolecules in our body.  And this can be done effectively by a Biochemist only.
3.   e-Publishing in scientific journals and magazines.
4.  ITeS - IT enabled services  -  this includes Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Billing.
5.  Off late  Online tutoring is getting more demand, especially from US, UK and other European countries.
If you like to set up your career in the area of biochemistry you can get into any of these.
For all of these areas you definitely require good communication, interpersonal skills, and basic computer knowledge.
Well, getting a Job depends on the vacancies and the expectations of those companies.
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takeshi007 said...

I think there are still job offers out there that related in Biochemistry courses but you should start searching online to surely find or get a job.

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